Randi Benge

    Owner/President Randi Benge

Randi Benge is the driving force behind The Title Link, serving as its President-CEO and Escrow Officer, with over two decades of experience in the title industry. Since 1999, Randi has embraced diverse roles within the title industry, gaining expertise in both residential and commercial real estate closings. From her earliest days to her current leadership position, she has remained steadfast in her commitment to providing clients with unparalleled service, rooted in genuine care and unwavering dedication.

Randi’s reputation precedes her, characterized by her infectious energy, affable nature, and steadfast reliability. She is a beacon of reliability and professionalism in her field. While others may commend her for her wealth of knowledge and professionalism, Randi sees herself as someone with a deep-seated passion for serving clients with the utmost care and attention. Each day, she approaches her work with a positive outlook, viewing every interaction as an opportunity to foster meaningful connections and provide invaluable support.

What sets Randi apart is her unwavering belief in the importance of treating every client with the utmost respect and consideration. Whether working with a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, she recognizes the significance of each transaction, ensuring that every client feels empowered and valued throughout the settlement process.

Randi’s commitment to exceptional service extends beyond the office. As a resident of SW Florida for 35 years, she takes immense pride in her community and delights in showcasing all it has to offer. From the beaches to the vibrant cultural scene, Randi embraces the spirit of SW Florida and enjoys its beauty and diversity at every turn. Whether it’s enjoying a sunset cruise along the Gulf Coast or savoring fresh seafood at a local waterfront restaurant, she relishes every opportunity to create cherished memories with her husband, Josef, and daughter, Bayleigh.

Randi invites you to connect with her today and discover firsthand the difference that dedication, expertise, and genuine care can make in your real estate transactions.

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